April 22 & 23, 2022

Dear Seminar Participants:

FINALLY Purls of Joy Seminar will be happening this year. Preparations are starting. The Upper Midwest Knitting Machine Dealers will be working very hard to put on another outstanding seminar for you. This will be our 36th year, but it will also be our last year. The Upper Midwest Dealer Club will No longer be doing this seminar for various reason. Age & Health being the 2 major ones!

We will be holding it at Trinity Crossing, 112 6th Ave N. Princeton, MN.

We hope you will be able to attend again this year. Please notice the date change.

Our guest demonstrator is: Linda Jensen from San Diego, CA.

as well as our own Dealers: Carole Wurst, Jason Wurst, Diana Berns, Amanda Young & Shawn Dolan.

Don’t forget our “Style Show” on Friday night at the banquet. Those of you that participate in the Style Show will be entered into our drawing for a $50.00 gift Certificate.

We will have a drawing at our noon lunch on Saturday. Grand Prize will be $200.00 Gift Certificate Must be present to win.

Contest for 2022

Something in Lace, Punch Lace, Fine Lace or Thread Lace.