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St Peter, MN 56082
Phone: 507-934-3741
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Knitting Machines
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C-LORLINYarn Spray *****No Longer Available *****
C-LORLIN LUBELorlin Machine Lube*****No Longer Available*****
C-SPRAYSilicone Machine Spray$9.50
MP SPRAYMetal Protector Spray Oil & Solvent$5.95
SYN-TEX LS Long Snout Oiler Without Oil $2.50
SYN-TEX 10 Special Oil - 1 ounce refill - with Long Snout Oiler$7.95
SYN-TEX KGHeavier Special Oil - 1 ounce$7.95
SYN-SLIDE Special Grease - 1 Ounce $5.95