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Quattro® 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-ís 6750D - Our Best Just
Got Better
Home Sewing & Embroidery
Do you love Disney as much as we do? Now you can embroidery
Disney on just about anything with 207 designs to choose from. The
Quattro® 3 Trilogy Limited Edition is the vision of its predecessors
with innovation all its own. The Quattro® 3 Trilogy features the LED
pointer that shows the needle drop position with pinpoint accuracy –
critical for your embroidery projects. Use the Multi-Function, two-
pedal Foot Controller to control up to three different sewing
functions, all with the press of your foot. The Quattro® 3 Trilogy
features 10" LED lighting for brilliant, full spectrum lighting and a
Software Upgrade that give you even more creative freedom with
embroidery fonts and frame sizes. You'll also be sure to find all the
features you know and love from the Quattro® and Quattro® 2, like
the Color Shuffling™Function, the improved ASV HD LCD display,
scanning feature with InnovEye® Technology and a 10" Pen Tablet
for use with the My Custom Design™ feature. Tap into the power of
Innov-ís today with the Quattro® 3 Trilogy by Brother™.
If you dream of expanding the possibilities of your home embroidery,
then the PR600 embroidery machine is for you. Six needles make
the job go quicker! Embroider multi-color designs quickly and easily.
. Embroider a wide variety of items such as shirts, jackets, jeans,
totes or towels with business logos, school names, monograms,
decorative motifs and more. Enjoy using built-in embroidery designs
and fonts in addition to choosing from the 1000's of designs in the
Brother memory card library (sold separately).

6 needle single head with auto-color change
Maximum embroidery speed of 1000 SPM
Comes with 4 hoops - 1" x 2", 4" x 4", 5" x 7" and 8" x 12"
Also has a Cap Hoop, Jig and Driver
Warranty: 90 days on parts and 6 months on labor